OpenHAB: enocean binding on Synology DS213+ (kernel driver package)

OpenHAB is an open source home automation software written in Java. There is a package to install it on Synology Diskstations. I wrote about it in the other post.

If OpenHAB should communicate with EnOcean devices the enocean USB300 usb-stick is required. To enable the USB300 on a Synology DS213+ (probably works also on Synology DS413 – same CPU…) two things are needed:synology_package_manager_kernel_drivers

  1. The kernel drivers
    usbserial, ftdi_sio and cdc-acm are already included in DSM 4.3
    pl2303 and cp210x are in the package usb-driver-kernel-2.6.32-dh-syno-qoriq-0.001.spk
    The package is stored at OpenHAB google groups and on the package server
    You can install this package in DSM via the package manager -> manual installation or by adding to your package sources – there is a tutorial on the Synology support pages about how to do that.
  2. nrjavaserial
    OpenHab 1.3.1 comes with the latest stable version of nrjavaserial 3.8.8 (at the moment (17.11.2013)).
    UPDATE 29.1.2014: Development of nrjavaserial moved to
    It’s in {openhab_root}/server/plugins/
    The newer unstable nrjavaserial 3.9.1 is needed for the qoric cpu of the DS213+ and included in the (otherwise unchanged)
    Just put that file in {openhab_root}/server/plugins/ and delete the original file {openhab_root}/server/plugins/…